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 Gibson L-5 Wes Montgomery

Sexy Blonde

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Notes: Back in 1992 Jim Triggs and Terry Ryan of Gibson's Custom Shop were presenting a prototype of the Wes Montgomery L-5 at a show in Dallas to find out if such an instrument would be attractive to players. It was very well received and then Gibson has decided to come up with this guitar designated from its famous player - Wes Montgomery.

Materials: 17" wide body with handcarved bookmatched fine grained solid spruce top, highly figured solid five-piece tiger flamed maple neck with walnut center stripe, highly flamed solid maple back and sides, pointed-end ebony fretboard, nut width 1 11/16“, 20 frets, pearl single block position markers, flower pot peghead inlay, multi-ply white / black binding, bound f-holes, solid ebony bridge.

Hardware: Classic '57 Humbucker Pickup, tailpiece with model name engraved on insert, ABR-1 bridge, ebony base with pearl tie inlays, "Custom L-5" engraved truss rod cover, quintuple-bound pickguard, Schaller M6 tuners.

Facts: This beauty was made in 1997 in Nashville using uncolored clear Nitro laquer that has already turned to a honey blonde. The Wes Montgomery Model should not be strictly regarded as a copy of the original that Wes Montgomery was playing in the 60ties but more as a modern version of the L-5CES with just one pickup. The idea of Wes to forgo of the bridge pickup has a tremendous benefit as several drillings into the top can be avoided and especially the area near the bridge is crucial for the transmission of the string vibration. Additionally, the weight of the guitar is less and most Jazz players do not really need the bridge pickup anyway

Condition: The guitar is in very good condition, the original frets and the finish show little wear as to be expected after two decades. Warranty card etc. is included. The guitar is completely original. The only thing that has been upgraded is the pickguard in favour of a much better looking one. Please compare picture on the right side. However, the original pickguard and bracket is included in the case and can be swapped in a minute with just two screws and no mods or what so ever is needed

Playability: Action is low and the neck profile is the comfty rounded C. The neck is buzz-free, straight and it plays very smooth without any effort.

Tone: This L-5 Wes is perfectly balanced with an absolutly bell-like clean tone, unmistakable character, very fine harmonics for any style of Jazz music.

Case: Original hardshell case with red plush interior in as new condition. All latches, hinges and handle work fine.

Setup: This instrument is strung with flatwound strings (.012-.054). The guitar is perfectly setup to this string gauge and is ready to go

To Summarize: Whether blonde guitars are more beautiful than colored ones is certainly something that each one of us has to decide for himself. But, as a matter-of-fact, Gibson has always charged more money for blonde high-end archtop guitars because any imperfection in the wood can't be hidden with color and therefore, only the best wood can be used. So this L-5 Wes Montgomery is a fantastic and exquisite archtop with oustanding tone and delightful appearance in her rare blonde finish. In every aspect, it's a true masterpiece that you wouldn't wanna let go

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