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 Fender Telecaster American Vintage '52 Reissue

Guitar Revolution

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Notes: Back in history when television became the new craze in the early 50ties the Broadcaster and Television names were blended and the Telecaster name was born. As the name Broadcaster was already used by the Gretsch Company it could not be used by Fender any longer. The Telecaster debuted in February 1951 and began its steady ascent toward stage and studio indispensability. Ingeniously engineered, it is still a marvel of simple design elegance and workhorse utilitarian function.

Materials: Rare 1-piece Swamp Ash body, 1-piece Maple neck with 21 vintage style frets on a 7.25” radius and 25 1/2” scale length, nut width 1.65”, Nitrocellulose lacquer finish, black dot position inlays, bone nut

Hardware: 2 American Vintage Tele single-coil pickups, Master Volume and Master Tone with knurled Dome knobs, 3-way switch with barrel switchtip, 4-bolt vintage style neck plate, original vintage Tele Bridge with 3 Brass saddles, Nickel Kluson vintage style tuning machines, 1-ply black pickguard.

Facts: Made in USA around 2009. Serial number is 74054. A serious retro model of the classic 1952 Fender blackguard Telecaster with butterscotch finish and a factory original hard to find one piece Ash body. Usually, you will find a two piece body on this model.

Condition: The guitar has been played a little but has always been pampered and cared of. It is in completely original condition with no dings or dongs and it is really clean

Playability: The neck does not feel too beefy at all as can be found on many of this model. The profile shape feels comfy and it is easy to play throughout the entire fretboard.

Tone: The guitar has the ”modern” wiring which allows three different positions, 1. Bridge Pickup only 2. Neck Pickup and Bridge Pickup 3. Neck Pickup only

Case: Vintage Fender Tweed Case and case candy - as pictured - will be included

Setup: The guitar is currently strung with .010 -.046 strings. The action is set low with no buzz.

To Summarize: As the world's first successful solid-body electric guitar, the Telecaster revolutionized guitar playing, changed the sound of music and its distinctive single-cutaway body design has been unchanged ever since it was introduced in 1951. The Fender guitars of the American Vintage series made in USA are known to be very precise replicas at an affordable price. This '52 AVRI Telecaster stands out of the crowd as it sports a factory original single piece Swamp Ash body with a beautiful see-through butterscotch blonde finish. If you love old Fender Teles but don't wanna ruin your bank account then this one is worth to be considered seriously

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