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 Fender Stratocaster 1962 shell pink

The Custom Color Stratocaster

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Notes: In 1946 Leo Fender founded the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Co. and started to develop new products. Despite the popularity of lapsteel giutars, Leo liked the idea of a solid electric giutar that could be played in a traditional way to come true. This idea of an "electric Spanish" guitar was also in the heads of other people like Paul Bigsby and also a guitar player named Les Paul. In 1950, Leo Fender went into production with the Esquire and Broadcaster but at first it was not easy to convince the people with these prototypes. In fact, Leo Fender earned bad commments at the beginning but Don Randall was convinced of the Fender guitars, and with Leo they changed the business relation in 1953 to "Fender Sales". Short after that Randall made the guitar dealers to have the Fender guitars hanging in their shops. Because of the sharp edges of Esquire and Telecaster bodies Leo made also some prototypes with contoured bodies. The next guitar generation was born in 1954, the Stratocaster. It offered several innovations. Thanks to her third single-coil pickup, she enabled a greater variety of sounds and because of the contoured body she was more comfortable to play. The most important change however was the new Fender vibrato and the Fender Stratocaster with its contoured body design soon became a classic.

Materials: Alder body, slightly figured Maple neck with Rosewood slabboard and D-profile, nut width exactly 1 10/16"

Hardware: Completely original parts including single line Kluson tuners, bridge with saddles, pickups with wiring, CRL 3-way switch, pots and jack, all plastic parts, screws etc.

Facts: This guitar has the original shell pink finish - of course also inspected under black light - and this is the rarest custom color finish of all pre CBS Stratocasters because shell pink was officially offered in the Fender catalogs only between 1960 and 1963. However, this statement does not exclude a possible customer order shell pink strat from 1964 onwards. The neck date reads 2 JUN 62 B which puts it to June 1962 and all three pots have the code 1376214 and all that matches together for this vintage. The body shows 3 nail holes free of paint and the electronics have unbroken solder joints. The neck's clay dots round up the entire picture.

Condition: The body and neck show signs of use after all these years. Considering the age of nearly 6 decads the guitar is in exceptional good condition. The original frets still have plenty of life left and will last for a long time. There are some worn-off spots and the typical crazing in the nitro finish on the body as to be expected. The original Fender headstock logo with its two Pat. Numbers is still clearly legible.

Playability: The intonation is perfect, the neck feels great and she's like a dream to come true

Tone: Crispy, ballsy and clear like a bell - just the way a pre-cbs stratocaster should sound

Case: Currently the guitar houses in a tweed case from a later period with reddish plush inside but the search is on for a vintage correct one

Setup: Currently strung with .010-.046 Nickel round wound strings. The fretboard has been oiled and the frets have been polished

To Summarize: Wow, what can be said here simply does not do justice! 55 years old, this guitar is definitely a piece of Rock & Roll history. With her original shell pink finish she is one of a very, very rare kind - try to find another - and she remained in a well preserved condition. Simply amazing how she sings and screams, whispers, roars and looks. And, it'll be hard to find another all original pre-cbs Stratocaster in shell pink

This guitar is currently NOT FOR SALE

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