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 Fender Stratocaster 1962 black

The Custom Shop

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Notes: In its illustrious history of the Fender company, which reaches back to the year 1946, it has affected virtually every genre of music all over the world. The Stratocaster was first presented in 1954 and offered several innovations. As the demand of the originals from the 50ties and 60ties increased more and more, Fender made the decision already in the 80ties to copy themselves in order to keep the market satisfied. By the end of the 80ties the Fender Custom Shop was established to fulfill customer ordered dream guitars and to produce unique instruments

Materials: Alder body, Maple neck with Rosewood slab board

Hardware: Completely original including single line Kluson Deluxe Pat Number tuner, tremolo, bridge and saddles, pickguard and plastic parts, pickups and wiring, pots and jack. Currently a 5-way switch is installed but the original 3-way switch is included in the case next to the original Fender paper work

Facts: This guitar was made in USA and the stamp on the heel of the neck dates it to the 25th of Juli 1988. The serial number is V036798 and the original paper work in the case confirm the '62 model and its authenticity. Additionally it bears the stamp of John Cruz, nowadays one of Fender's most revered Custom Shop master builder. He is one of eight luthiers from Fender's Custom Shop and he learned from Fender employees which have already worked for Fender back in the 60ties. So he learned from scratch and he knows all the original techniques and tools. Today he is associated and best known for his precise relic Stratocaster replicas from the 50ties and 60ties. This precision and devotion includes even the nailholes that were used to hold the body while drying after the paint job was done - a procedure that has been omitted since the mid 60ties - or f.e. a signed masking tape in the control cavity bearing his name and the actual date of the making just as it used to be depending on the model and vintage he is working on

Condition: Overall this Stratocaster is in quite good shape considering the age of almost 3 decades. Apparently this guitar has not been played very much as the original frets show only very very little wear at all (95%) and they will still last for a long time. There is some wear to the finish of the body, it has dings and dongs and scratches. And, there is a small dent on the front of the headstock. The rest of the neck, fretboard and the backside of the neck are very clean. All in all, the wear is as to be expected for a guitar of this age and it has naturally aged and not artificially

Playability: Due to the typical '62 C-profile it has a very pleasant feel and it's really hard to lay down this neck cause it just feels perfect

Tone: This Strat sounds just the way an excellent Strat should do, ballsy and round, it rings like a bell with just the right attack.

Case: Original rectangular tweed case with Fender plaque and orange plush inside. All hinges, latches and handle work fine.

Setup: Currently strung with .010-.046 Nickel round wound strings

To Summarize: Currently there is a long waiting list for John Cruz creations and it can take up to three years to get your order done. This Stratocaster has been made shortly before the Fender Custom Shop was established. What makes her so special is because it was made by John Cruz himself. This is certainly an opportunity for any player or collector who doesn't want to sit and wait for 3 years or to ruin his bank account for a vintage blacky from the 60ties

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