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 D'Aquisto DQ-NYE N

The New Yorker Model

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Notes: One of the greatest guitar luthiers in history, James L. D’Aquisto, started his career in archtop guitar building at the age of 17 at John D’Angelico’s shop. He founded his own D’Aquisto brand after the passing of John D’Angelico and is known to have created some of the best-sounding, most sought after archtop guitars available until his untimely death at the age of 59 in 1995. The instruments he created in his later years are highly regarded as the “Holy Grail” of archtop guitars. They are still the inspiration for many archtop guitar builders. His creativity in archtop guitar building is apparent in his design of pickguard, ebony bridge and his ebony tailpiece. The New Yorker was James D'Aquisto's most popular model of the 70's and it was during this time he established his originality and innovative designs.

Materials: 17" wide 3" deep highly flamed Maple body with multiple Ivory binding, solid Sitka Spruce top with X-bracing, 25 1/2" scale and 1 11/16th nut width, one piece Maple neck, Ebony fretboard with 22 frets and Ivory binding, 3-ply soundhole and 8-ply binding on body top, height adjustable Ebony bridge, Ebony tailpiece, Ebony truss rod cover, Ebony pickguard with 5-ply binding, mother of pearl inlays include diamond inlay on backside of headstock, New Yorker inlay and logo on peghead and split block inlays on fretboard.

Hardware: The stock pickup was upgraded with a Kent Armstrong handwound Johnny Smith humbucker. Please note that this is a real Kent Armstrong Johnny Smith pickup individually handwound in his own workshop in Vermont - simply the best - and should not be confused with the mass-produced copies. It features genuine Alnico V magnets for superior vintage style performance and each pickup is individually wax potted. It has the same specs and appearance as the original and we think they are every bit as good (if not superior) to the tone and output of the Gibson originals. Tuners are Schaller M6 vintage stair stepped 22K gold plated, volume and tone knob on pickguard, input jack is located at rim side.

Facts: Made 2006 in Japan by Aria's master craftsmen under license from D'Aquisto. Without a doubt, an excellent quality Jazz box. Unfortunately, this model is no longer in production.

Condition: The frets are as new and the guitar is in mint condition. It has hardly ever been played.

Playability: Anyone playing and feeling this magnificent Archtop will agree that it is hard to find one that feels better. The C profile is comfy throughout and so smooth that you won't stop playing her.

Tone: Unplugged, this guitar is very responsive and warm sounding, very balanced and clear voice all over the neck. Amplified with the Kent Armstrong Johnny Smith pickup, the guitar sounds exceptional with a sweet woody classic jazz tone.

Case: Comes with ABS case with six latches that fits perfect.

Setup: The guitar is currently strung with round wound strings (.012 - .054) and setup with very low butter smooth buzz-free action.

To Summarize: The New Yorker Model has always been known as a top-of-the-line model and this D'Aquisto is in no way inferior to that. In fact, she is superior in craftsmanship, quality materials and artful design and equipped with features of the originals like a one piece neck, art deco pickguard and tailpiece, these guitars are considered without peer. So, if the notion of owning a $42,000 original New Yorker Special (which was his 17” version of the New Yorker) turns your visage to the color of your favorite green sweater, you should consider this worldly confection for approx. 10% of the value of a made-by-the-hand-of-Jimmy D’elight.

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