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 About this website
Notes: I have been playing, collecting and buying/selling new and vintage instruments of many different brands like D'Angelico, Gibson, Fender, Heritage, Martin, Comins and the like since decades. Now, starting in 2016 I have decided to change this website from a commercial into a non-business oriented website. Since I started online I have gained a reputable name and my aim has always been to build trust with people from around the world through precise presentation and detailed descriptions of my instruments. However, this change does not mean that I don't sell anything anymore. It means that the instruments displayed on this website are all part of my personal collection and if you see something that you like then you can contact me and I might sell it on a private basis.

My inventory: My inventory is filled with an interesting variety of vintage and quality instruments of what I consider to be "fine instruments". I proudly guarantee that when you receive an item it will be exactly as described. To assure that, there is a 48 hour inspection period to personally confirm the truthfulness of my statements about the instrument. Of course, if possible for you to come over, each instrument can be tested in my showroom with different solid state and tube amps or you can bring your favorite amp with you. This is not a brick and morter store, therefore testing is only possible by appointment. It's my goal to gain your confidence by creating a problem-free transaction every time.
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